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Redfearn and Associates - capabilities

Hotels and Indoor Venues

With regard to hotel ballroom and indoor events, we can work with the existing décor and tastefully add to it or we can totally transform the space into a distinctive environment. Our lighting engineers have years of experience in making lighting a key element in the design. We understand how much money can be spent on décor and how much can be saved with innovative lighting.

Redfearn & Associates designers will work with the client and the hotel on creating unique themes around color, linen, table sizes/shapes and centerpieces. It is our job to communicate accessibility, costs and alternatives to the client, while never sacrificing quality.

Often, local entertainers include their sound in the package and many times that sound system is not of the highest quality and deters from the event. These sound systems are not maintained and not operated by professionals. At Redfearn & Associates, we strongly believe that part of our job is to communicate information like this to the client, rather than stand back in judgment at the event. Every event should have exceptional, state-of-the-art sound --without concession!

Creativity is always important and is especially so with regard to video projectors and screens in hotel ballrooms and indoor venues. Redfearn & Associates has the ability to adapt to any program utilizing video and will work with the client and the venue on ways to locate key screen positions that work best for the audience and overall program. All of our equipment incorporates the latest in video, camera and projections technology.